Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Running Android On HTC Non Android Phones

XDAndroid is the open source project to port Android operating system to series of HTC phones based on Qualcomm MSM chipset. Those are the HTC Raphael/Diamond, Topaz, Rhodium, and Blackstone. XDAndroid's latest release was based on Foryo (FRX07) which was released on 15 July 2011. As Android OS is not supported for these devices therefore there will be some bugs and also all Android features may not work, thats why developers frequently releases bug fixes and support for new features. XDAndroid may be act as dual boot option along with Windows Mobile operating system.

Following are some supported devices:
GSM Touch Pro
GSM Touch Pro
GSM Touch Diamond
AT&T Fuze
GSM Touch Diamond2
GSM Touch Pro2
AT&T Tilt2
CDMA Touch Pro2

For more information about installation or if you want to download XDAndroid visit XDAndroid or checkout their official Youtube Channel.


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